Earlier, I mentioned a big reveal for this odd looking, cylinder shaped fruit and the day has arrived. No one ventured a guess as to what it might be, and I admit, this one is a toughie to guess even for the locals here. This mysterious fruit is known as the Monstera Delisiosa, and hardly anyone has any idea how delicious these are WHEN RIPE. Because, when picked by an overly eager fruit bug such as myself, it is a tragic waste of one of nature’s most delicious secrets. Such is the adventure involved in new discoveries!

What you are supposed to do, is wait until the first few tiles turn yellow and fall off of their own accord. Only then do you harvest the fruit from the gorgeous tropical plant which looks like this.

These tiles did fall off on their own, but it had been picked much too soon, so the required ripeness was only just barely present and made for a dicey experience when swallowing due to the very slight presence of oxalic acid crystals. These crystals disappear completely when the fruit is ripe and you are left with a spectacular, creamy flavor somewhere between kiwi and pineapple.

Ah well, it takes up to a year for these to ripen on the plant so I’ll be watching them like a hawk for the next month or so. They are great just in a bowl, with vanilla seed spiked coconut cream. Mmm… I may try to make a sorbet out of them, actually. That would really be monsterously delicioso!

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