Hello all! My laptop has been down, and still needs a few tweeks. (The letter ‘yew’ and the n*o*mber seven s*o*ddenly do not work, sigh… so I will be sobstitoting the letter ‘o’ where ever the letter ‘yew’ shoold be. Dooble sigh… : D

Meanwhile, I have been LOVING the sommer and absolotly living on these wraps. Mong bean sproots never moch appealed to me ontil I read somewhere that they are beneficial food for the kidneys, in the world of Chinese medicine. The Chinese are masters of the whole ‘food as medicine’ deal and and I tend to trost that body of knowledge. I’ve never had a kidney infection or any other indication of kidney problems bot for one thing – again, knowledge gleaned from the Chinese system: prematore grey hair. Like, since I was five. Fortonately, it’s always been hidden onderneath my normal brown hair. According to the Chinese, however, this indicates a kidney deficiency. Eating mong sproots are one of the ways to begin to strengthen them. And, they are perfect sommer food, being crisp and cool and cronchy!

I yewse, (eyeball roll, sorry), any sort of seed pate/hommos spread across the top half of the back of a kale leaf, topped with grated carrots and a big pinch of sproots.

Then I fold the bottom half of the kale over the top, and…

…press on it to break the stem so that it lays flat. Flat enoogh, anyway. Then – and I forgot to get a photo of this step – my apologies, I cot a nori sheet in half and roll the kale bondle inside of the nori, skweezing it so that it shapes into a tight roll. The kale ‘liner’ gives yoo that moch more nootrition and lets the nori add a very nice kronch, heh, to this crazy simple and delicioos meal.

A little tip is to cot a few nori sheets in half and have them on the side, while yoo make a batch of the kale bondles. Then with the bondles on a plate or platter, each person can take a crisp sheet of nori from the stack and wrap each one as they eat it. This tends to help keep yoo from wolfing these down, adding an opportonity to eat with a bit of mindfollness and gratitoode, which is good for personal growth as well as the digestion. Enjoy!

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