I live in the tropics. It’s very easy to have a garden all year around here, and the abundance of tropical fruits is a huge and continuing source of delight! It makes living raw super easy.   This blog is one of the most enjoyable ways for me to share my good fortune and provide a bit of inspiration and guidance to anyone interested in this amazingly pure and vital way of life:  eating raw and living foods.

Blessings to all who come here.

A little more about me:

I was fortunate to have a health nut for a mom and it’s really to her that I owe my interest in health and well-being.  I first stopped eating red meat at age 16.  We lived in the hot and humid southeastern United States and red meat began to feel too heavy for my body to digest.  I soon became a devoted vegetarian and four years later went vegan after it became clear that the extreme sinus headaches I suffered were caused by an allergy to dairy.

I first heard about the raw food lifestyle in 1989, from a friend who wanted to heal his heavily medicated depression with raw foods.  He had discovered the Hippocrates Health Institute and Ann Wigmore’s work and hoped it could help him heal naturally, without the use of drugs.  I however, wasn’t ready to take that route for another 10 years and it wasn’t until 1999 that it suddenly all made sense to me and I went %100 raw on green smoothies exclusively – in the middle of the cold, wet winter in Seattle.  But it was surprisingly easy for me.

It was, in fact, essentially effortless.  I’ve come to believe that this is because I was led to this way of life by divine guidance.  There were too many coincidences for it not to have been, and there was no denying that my body responded so well to the dietary shift.  Four months of raw smoothies were so transformative for me that I soon found myself in Hawaii, living on a beautiful organic farm, surrounded by a community knowledgeable people living the raw food lifestyle.  Ten years later, I’ve learned a great deal, and as far as I know am the only one of the original group still living raw.  I believe this is due to the fact that this is part of my soul’s path, and part of an ever-deepening holistic connection to the multi-dimensional world around me.

Health and well-being has been an area of deep interest for me for as long as I can remember.  I feel privileged and grateful to offer an accumulated wealth of experience-based, leading-edge wisdom about this lifestyle to anyone who has an interest in maximizing their health for optimal well-being and longevity.

I am available for hire as a dietary consultant/coach for $120 an hour.  Am also available for recipe, menu and product development.  To make it easier for those new to the concept of live foods, I am happy to offer a thirty minute introductory consultation, free of charge – as related mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally to raw food.  Email me to introduce yourself or just use the comments, as you like…

In Love and Light,


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hi, great website. Glad to have given you a lift the last night. Your recipes look great. I may have to engage your food services! Aloha, Mike

  2. Devin Grace Says:

    Dear Elarael,

    You too have inspired me! What a wonderful site! And what a healing gift you have through the use of food. I will keep you on my bookmarks to continued to be inspired by the healing art of food.

    I so enjoyed our session.

    With love,


  3. Dear Elarael,

    What a beautiful website you have! I”m not a live foodist (I live in the Polar Circle), but I very often eat live foods and trawl the receptoire for the cuisine vegetal. Your recipes are hugely inspiring and look tasty. So often the raw food folks over-do the blending and mixing and I love that your recipes show complete and pure ingredients. I’m sure they’re tasty as all get out. Nice also to continually experience new fruits!

    Warm regards,


  4. Clarity Says:

    Hi Elarael!

    I was checking out Russel James’ site and saw your name on a post and sure enough it’s YOU! How cool. Are you still living on Maui? It’s a wonder we ever left really. We’re living in N. Cali right now after 4 years in beautiful, but gray WA. I’m really loving it down here. Shanti had a hard time moving at first, but is adjusting well. Can you believe she’s 10!? Tenzin and I are still going strong…. almost 12 years! There have been some rough spots for sure, but we still love each other more than ever. We are all just recently coming back to the raw side of things. I actually asked for us all to be raw a month for my birthday. And they’re doing it, it’s great. I have a feeling both Shanti and Tenzin will return to cooked food after the month is up, but I plan on sticking with raw. I just feel so much better! I learned a year ago that I’ve been dealing with a Lyme infection for the better part of my life. So, it’s time to get real and do everything I can to heal! Anyhow, if you ever come to Cali, please come visit. I would love to see you again. Your site is lovely and inspiring just like I remember you. I wish you all the infinite blessings you so deserve.

    Namaste’ sister,


  5. kellycolby Says:


    I love your site. You are such an inspiration. I originally found you by searching limbic imprint and your twitter popped up so I found you from there. (For some reason I couldn’t respond to you on there.) So I clicked on your website from Twitter and started to read your blog and I LOVE the information and energy you present.

    Looking forward to reading through more of your site!

    Kelly Colby

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