Halloween Tricks that Treat

October 31, 2009


Update: This recipe and most of the others that precede it are all from my high fat raw vegan days – these days I’ve transitioned to a primarily low fat raw vegan diet and feel better than ever and encourage everyone interested in the raw lifestyle to do the same.  

These recipes are still all great though, especially for introducing friends and family to raw food recipes.  Enjoy!

Halloween is the first holiday of the season to come and I always find the challenge of converting standard holiday fare into raw a lot of fun. This year, I did an improved version of the same super cool scary finger cookies I did last year, and also “Deviled Chocolates”, which were firm chocolate creams of salted chocolate and smokey chipotle chocolate.  These are definitely high fat and a special treat for friends and family who might not otherwise try a raw food dish.  They were made with avocado, coco butter, agave and cacao powder, then chilled until firm.  Like a mini tart without the crust.  To eat them you just squeeze the wrapper and they rise like push-up popsicles.

I generally stay away from processed foods like agave, (preferring date syrup), but for occasions like this, it’s a once a year thing so I let it go as the taste of agave is more acceptable to those who are accustomed to the flavor of refined sugar.  The recipe was made up á la minute so proportions are general and it’s very easy – you can’t really go wrong.  I’ve found that grated orange zest absolutely makes these fingers so don’t skip that ingredient !


  • 1 cup almonds, crunchy ( soak them overnight then dehydrate them back to crunchy before using in the recipe)  OR almond meal for a moister cookie
  • 6 medjool dates soaked until completely soft in as little warm water as possible (just enough to cover them halfway)
  • 2 vanilla beans or 1/2 tsp powder
  • 1/8 cup agave
  • 1 level tablespoon cinnamon
  • pinch of fine celtic salt
  • zest of one fresh orange

Powder the nuts in a high speed blender or in batches in a spice grinder/coffee grinder and empty into a mixing bowl.  Blend the dates with their soak water into a puree.  There can be a few chunks but not too many.  Pour the date puree into the mixing bowl,  add all the other ingredients and stir with your hands until you get a firm dough that will hold whatever shape you squeeze it into.

Take walnut sized nuggets of the dough and squeeze in one hand until you have a ridged log “finger”.  Squeeze a few times until you get a good shape, place the log on a cutting board and form a finger tip by pressing an almond into one end while squeezing the dough under the nut into a firm, well-shaped finger-tip with your other hand.  Leave the other end rough, because – it’s a sawed-off finger, right? …Ew.

Anyhoo.  Put them all in the dehydrator overnight or at least for a few hours until firm and dry to the touch, then watch people flip out over them!  Enjoy ~~~


5 Responses to “Halloween Tricks that Treat”

  1. Carrie Says:

    what is next to the fingers??? These are really cute :)

    • junglegirl Says:

      They are the *Deviled Chocolates*, Carrie. One of the treats that trick, or vise versa. They are quite yummy, but unusual: salted chocolate cream cups and smokey chipotle chocolate cream cups, as I say in the post : )

  2. Rose Goddess Says:

    How Fun! I am going to try these soon:)

  3. James Reno Says:

    Those look absolutely disgusting! Perfect for Halloween. I’m certain they taste better than they look!

    James Reno

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