Dragonfruit, (aka Pitaya), Mango Smoothie

August 14, 2009

dragonpine 2It’s in the dog days of summer that fruit smoothies really come into their own.  A few frozen chunks of pineapple, some fresh, sweet, cold mango and the surprise of supernaturally fushia dragonfruit, really makes for solid refreshment.  I add fresh turmeric because it is readily available here and I love it with mango, (you might not, it’s a bit strong) along with half a banana for creamyness.  Sooo goood.  This is so simple, so incredibly delicious and so satisfying.


Dragonfruits are wonderfully juicy and I love the seeds.  They crunch very lightly, exactly like kiwi seeds.  It turns out they contain about 50% omega 6 and over 20% omega 9.  They must be chewed to release the efa’s but they are so fun to crunch that you can rest assured you’re getting a healthy hit of omega’s, if not the full daily requirement.  The more we source it naturally, the better it is for us.

The juice is a rich fushia and it doesn’t really stain your fingers as long as you rinse before it sits for more than a few minutes.


Here is a little mango smoothie with a dragonfruit accompaniment I made for my neighbor, who wasn’t too sure how she felt about having it  ; )  Turns out she loved it) !

dragonpine bite

The rest was for me…

dragonpine chunks

I like to put cubes of fruit or seeds like chia or germinated sunflower seeds into a smoothie so that I remember to chew it instead of just drink it down.  It’s more delicious that way and looks gorgeous too, in this case!

dragonpine fini

Fruit smoothies are also the perfect brain food when you’re working hard mentally!  And therefore, perfect computer food.  The reason so many computer geeks live on junk food is that they need the glucose blast.  If only they chose fresh fruit smoothies instead!  Life changing…


2 Responses to “Dragonfruit, (aka Pitaya), Mango Smoothie”

  1. paige Says:

    looks amazing! keep the posts coming!

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