Star Apples, aka Caimito

July 1, 2009


There are so many fruits in the tropics that you just don’t see in the markets of the US because tropical fruits don’t travel well,  star apples being one.  While I can’t say they are my favorite, they are still a novelty to me and as such I find I can’t resist picking up a few whenever they come into season here.  They aren’t very fragrant, and the flavor is subtle,  but they do have the most beautiful, translucent purple coloring and it’s fun just to put something that color in my body.  They feel healthy and refreshing to swallow, feeling and tasting a little like a cross between fresh aloe and persimmon.

Star Apple

The husk carries quite a lot of astringent, milky latex even when the fruit is fully ripe, and that’s interesting.  Not especially delicious, but interesting.  In the Philippines, where star apples are really common and natural medicine is highly developed, different parts of this tree are used as treatments for various ailments.

I just eat them with a spoon.  They are so lightly flavored that I think they’re best that way;  light and delicate and sort of – weird – and in that way, so exotic.


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