Mwwaa haa haa!

October 31, 2008

Two C almond meal

Two C coconut powder

20 soaked dates, pureed with the soak water

2 t almond or vanilla extract, or seeds from one vanilla bean

1 T cinnamon (optional, but highly recommended)

Pinch of sea salt

Form into fingers by rolling walnut-sized pieces into – mwhaa-ha-ha-ha! – snakes, then pinch the knuckles into shape and mark them with the edge of a knife to show knuckle wrinkles.  Press an almond into the tips, shaping as you go and dehydrate till firm – about 6 to 8 hours or even overnight.   :D


4 Responses to “Mwwaa haa haa!”

  1. Oh man, those are awesome!! They look just like fingers!!

  2. junglegirl Says:

    Thanks,guys. Yeah…they were really creepy. The person whose party I brought them to called me the next day to tell me that they were really good with her tea in the morning. Can you imagine facing and eating those scary things first thing in the morning??? LOL!

  3. miho Says:

    But,really great idea!
    I’ll try to make these fingers next Halloween
    and recommend guests to have them with tea in the morning!

    I happened to visit your blog for the first time,and very surprised to find to this photo!

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