Montel is a Blender Foodie!

May 7, 2008

My morning vegetable smoothie. Mostly kale, celery, cucumber, cilantro and parsley, but today I added a carrot and half a beet and got the scintillating, vibrating RED smoothie that comes with any addition of beet. Very beautiful. And, who knew? I just read, here, that Montel Williams juices and blends seventy-five percent of his food! Wow, this is great! Whether or not you watch his show, (I don’t even own a TV, but I have heard of him!) he reaches a huge audience of people who can all benefit from his positive example if they choose to. Very exciting.

On another note, because it’s too obvious to ignore, I’ve got to ask if anyone can name the odd green cylinder in the photo. I’ll do a post on how I used it soon, but for now, who can correctly guess what it is? I’d love to offer to mail one to you as a prize to whomever correctly names it but it won’t pass airport inspection. (I’ve tried!) I could send it to you in dehydrated form, but I don’t think it would taste the same. These are in season right now though, so I should definitely try that as there are an abundance of them! I usually just eat them fresh.

So how about it? Anyone know what this is?


4 Responses to “Montel is a Blender Foodie!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Oh! That thing looks so weird. I’ve never seen one before…I hope someone figures it out. I’d like to know. :) I’ll probably snoop around on the internet. lol!

    That’s crazy about Montel. He looks good! Healthy, very nice skin, so I guess it makes total sense. :)

  2. junglegirl Says:

    Hi Melissa, thanks for visiting! I enjoyed that video on your blog today, and wanted to leave a comment but didn’t see a comment box. Yes, Montel looks amazing, so telling, isn’t it!

    I’d love it if someone can guess, this is a tough one though, I admit. I’ll give everyone a couple of days to guess, then post about it.

  3. yardsnacker Says:

    I know what that is, it’s a delisio, oh dangit! I just saw that darn thing! GRR! Now I can’t find the link lol. OK how about bonus points if I say that the fruit looks like corn? ;)


  4. junglegirl Says:

    Sam, nope, no bonus points for it’s similarity to corn, I’m sorry. :D And anyway, your first guess is totally right! So You Do Win, as you’re the only one who guessed right, even though I’ve already posted the answer, hehe, was *that* the link you were looking for? :)

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