Banana Milk

April 7, 2008

I almost never have breakfast, but sometimes I do and so I have a bag of granola I made kept in the fridge for those days. I also really love almond milk and so always have soaked almonds available for milk making. However, I did run out of almonds the other day and really wanted a bowl of granola, so I was left scrounging around for what to do about milk. I was totally out of all nuts, and nearly resigned to using just water, when I realized that I had a banana. I would make Banana Milk!

But, YES, a banana! It is a bit sweet, but it did indeed make a very nice pour for granola and I highly recommend it. Oh, and it’s green because I tend to add spirulina to everything : ) It’s nice to find a nut free milk that is also very easy to make. I think I also added a spoonful each of Tocotrinols and lecuma powder to soften the tartness of the banana as I am using the wild bananas that grow all around in these parts. I am really into bananas right now and though I feel David Jubb’s wisdom pressing on me, I am ending my relationship to them gently, as Dr. Jubb himself prescribes. Can’t help but think, though, that these bananas would surely posses a greater ability to eco-sterilize, as he puts it, just by virtue of their being stronger and wild! Woo hoo!

Is this confusing for anyone? It shouldn’t be, really. In refining my food choices to be in harmony with my intellectual understanding, there is often – there is usually – an overlap where I continue eating a particular food until my body and brain are synchronized and there is no longer any desire for it. In that way, I never experience feelings of denial, just a gentle understanding that – these last few tastes are a goodbye – and I progress at a perfectly healthy pace. Works for me. It’s interesting because certain things I can just let go and never look back. I feel no need to analyze this, I just trust it because it’s working for me!


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