The Simple Salad

March 30, 2008

I love creating food that is beautiful to look at. It is such a pleasure to take a moment or two to allow oneself to engage in a bit of creativity and give the brain an opportunity for a bit of play time. This is just as nourishing to Being as actual elemental nutrients are.
This took so little time and was totally unplanned. I split the napa cabbage leaf as a base for no particular reason other than to add a bit of creative interest to an otherwise very plain salad. Simple mesclun greens, a bit of diced red, orange and yellow mini peppers that held just a hint of heat, some rinsed dulse, all tossed very lightly with a hemp oil, olive oil and lemon vinaigrette. The pear slices were an obvious addition at the last moment because of the color match first, and secondly, because a bit of simple, sweet fruit goes so well with the bitter greens and the heat of the peppers. A sprinkle of hemp nuts and a bit more dulse on top and it was a radically improved simple salad.
The slow food movement really encourages one to take the time to make meals a pleasure. As well, indulging in a bit of food play is one way to really honor the choice one has made to eat as well as possible for health and well-being. This also helps to infuse your meals with the element of love so sorely lacking in our mostly factory-farmed produce, which often includes organics as well. And every little bit of love COUNTS, now more than ever, whether we’re giving it to ourselves or to others!

2 Responses to “The Simple Salad”

  1. Your salad is gorgeous! I’m not sure how readily available dulse is for the rest of the world. I work for an online specialty food store, and we have a small line of sea vegetables including dulse. I love seeing applications for these products! We also just had all kinds of wild produce come into season, stinging nettles, fiddlehead ferns, etc. Do you have any great wild produce recipes you’d be willing to share?

  2. junglegirl Says:

    Thank you, Fiddlehead Fern! You know, I’ve found dulse in every health food store I’ve ever been in, but should someone be in a town without a health food store, it is very easily – and much more economically – ordered in bulk online. I buy mine in 5lb. (a little over 2 kilo’s) bags online, in fact, and highly recommend that route as the most practical.

    I’d love to share some wild produce recipes with you! Just email me and we can discuss it. We have some great wild ferns here, called Pohole fern, that make a delectable and cherished dish in many high end restaurants. As a raw foodist, I can always count on a delicious meal of pohole whenever I am in the position of going out to dinner with friends at a cooked restaurant!

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