Suriname Cherry and Hijiki Dinner

March 15, 2008

Here is another introduction to one of the unusual and delightful tropical fruits I am doing my best to share with everyone. Introducing: the Suriname Cherry. It played a unexpectedly starring role in my dinner last week.
This was another ‘make the best of nothing in the fridge’ night. There was a squash, called ‘Hawaiian pumpkin’ here, dried hijiki and some random odds and ends like half a red bell pepper and a bit of coconut cream floating around in the fridge. The red fruits are Suriname cherries from the tree out back. It’s just begun to shower us with it’s springtime gift of these odd, strangely appealing cherries. See my post about them here, on my other site called JungleGirl.
There is not a recipe for this because it was a totally unplanned meal that just happened to turn out wonderfully well, but here is a sort of re-cap of how I put it together. I re-hydrated a tablespoon or two of dried hijiki, topped it with some finely grated sweet, raw pumpkin, using a ring mold to hold it in place. Then, I put the bell pepper in the VitaMixer with the coconut cream and some herbs and spices that I cannot recall because it was a spontaneous, stream of consciousness collaboration with the refridgerator god of leftovers. Or maybe it was the Suriname Cherry Spirit, looking for some prime-time online?  Either way, it turned out to be shockingly good-looking (to me, at least – finding myself with slim prospects for dinner at 8pm, tired and with an empty fridge. I wasn’t looking forward to much!) and very delicious. The cherries added a piquant, chutneyish flavor that was totally and surprisingly complimentary with the red bell pepper. Which is great, because I usually don’t know what to do with them. They really stepped forward in the most pleasing way here.

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