A Simple, Sexy Sandwich

March 1, 2008

This is a sandwich made with a lemon, pinenut cream and ‘fried’ mushrooms from Karen Knowles’ recipe. I added a splash of nama shoyu to the mushroom prep because I can get salty like that. Topped with baby braising greens on homemade dehydrator bread, it was just what I wanted for a light meal.
The bread in this photo is a bit thin, but I tend to make it as thin as possible because I do not really want that much dehydrated food in my belly. But sometimes, it is very, very satisfying to just make a sandwich.
The bread recipe will be in my afore-mentioned recipe book. It’s a real winner and the best one I’ve tried yet, and although a raw neighbor I have says his is definitely the best, I haven’t tasted his recipe yet and I feel rela, rela good about this one. Maybe I’ll do a dehydrator ‘bake-off’ and see which one I prefer. Naturally, I’ll keep you posted.

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