Divinely Dangerous!

February 28, 2008


Happy Birthday, Mom!

In honor of my mother’s birthday today, I made an eggfruit cheesecake. My mom is such a good egg : D, so that more than qualifies as an excuse to go all out with this surprisingly easy, though shockingly delectable, morsel. My neighbor, Joy, was the guinea pig for the first little cake and it was her happy verdict that gave this post it’s name. Sadly, my mother lives several thousand miles away, across the Pacific ocean and I had to make her an honorary beneficiary only. So, I ate two cakes, one for me and one in her honor. Of course.



Never having made this before, I was curious about the outcome and I found that any expectations I may have had were far exceeded in the most wonderful way. I think this is something that anyone could easily make with a substitution of mamey sapote, which isn’t too difficult for a good produce manager to order in, in the US anyway, since they come from Mexico, usually. I’ve requested odd-ball things in the past and it’s not been a problem. The best places for exotic fruits though, is an Asian market (and you can find thriving Asian markets in the most random places around the US; it’s amazing!). They are often more than happy to order all sorts of ethnic specialties, so if they can’t get eggfruit, try asking for mamey sapote and see how you fare.

It definitely helps if you build a neighborly relationship with your produce person. When they know you care and show an interest in their stock, it can really pay off, both in being given a head’s up on special things that come in and more simply, but just as valuably, in helping to create more of a community vibe. Not to mention getting people more excited about their produce. Not that our local produce guy, Edgar, needs anyone to inspire his enthusiasm for excellent produce, he’s one of the best produce guys I’ve ever met and grows his own specialty vegetables and is fully into the fruits of the earth. I knew I’d be bringing one of these cheesecakes to him after he laughed at my enthusiasm for these golden orbs of, of…creamy, cake-like sunlight! I filled my basket with about 8 eggfruits – it seemed perfectly normal at the time *shrugs innocently*, while he just looked on and laughed. And then Edgar began telling me all about growing up with eggfruits in the Phillipenes. I had to bring him one of these little cakes. I love interesting personal stories. I can’t wait to hear what he thought of it. He had never heard of anyone making cheesecake out of them and was doubley shocked that it was ‘raw’. Hee hee…


These are the eggfruit’s seeds! Amazing, aren’t they? There is more than one variety of eggfruit and this one differed from those I’ve had in the past by being longer and much richer and having only one or two seeds, instead of three or more. Edgar says that the elongated ones of this variety are considered the best. It’s true that the fruits were so rich and sweet that I could only eat half of one at a time, and in fact used not a drop of added sweetener in the dessert. That’s why I decided to make the cheesecakes into very small individual cakes. I prefer only a bite or two of dessert anyway, and these are just that. Perfectly satisfying with the perfect amount of bites.


Look for this particular recipe in my affordable, upcoming recipe e-book, coming out sometime this summer. It will have lots of easy, elegant fare, and some very detailed photos of great techniques that I haven’t seen used in raw food much. I intend to share as many of my insider tricks as possible to help inspire your own creativity and to make this lifestyle shift an effortless joy!

Also coming very soon, my SpringCleanse e-book, an easy to follow guide that simplifies some very thorough cleanses and explains what to expect from a holistic perspective. Email me if you’ve got questions or would like to sign-up for a pre-order.


4 Responses to “Divinely Dangerous!”

  1. arnie Says:

    what is the recipe?

    • junglegirl Says:

      This was an in-the-moment creation so I didn’t measure, but to one eggfruit – about 1/2 cup of puree – would be about 1T melted cacao butter, about 2 T coco butter and a tiny pinch of sea salt for balance. As I said in the post, NO sweetner – these were already so sweet I could barely eat one tart and you can see how small they were. And that was it. If you give them a try I’d love to know how they turned out for you and what you thought. Report back here!

  2. MonaRaeHill Says:


    I’ve been enjoying reading your blogs. I’ve just decided to go back to a mostly raw food diet, after a 10 year hiatus, and your blog has really given me encouragement. I’d like to purchase your ebook when it becomes available, so please keep me posted.

    p.s. how do you make black sesame sprout hummus? (Maybe that will be in your ebook…hint…hint). thanks for taking the time to post your blog…..cheers. MonaRae

    • junglegirl Says:

      Thank you MonaRae : ) It’s just like making regular hummus but with soaked and sprouted black sesame. Here, I added regular raw tahini but you could definitely use black tahini, lemon, a little water (or you can use olive oil) a garlic clove and sea salt, all to taste. Enjoy ~~~ and yes, I *will* put this in the ebook, thanks!

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