Morning Juice

February 25, 2008


As a child, I nearly lived on orange juice. It was my go-to drink of choice over any other option. My mother was a health nut, (thank you, mom!), and therefore, processed sugars and pre-mixed “kids” drinks were absolutely banned. Part of that was a very logical act of self-preservation; raising three children virtually single-handed, without the aid of either nannys or a helpful husband, meant that she did everything in her power to prevent any situation that looked like three wild, sugar-rushing children torpedoing into chaos. I lived for oranges whole from the huge fruit bowl on the living room coffee table and for their secondary but of so lovely gift of pure, golden, tangy squeezin’s. With pulp, of course.

As an adult, I lost my preference for sweet drinks of any kind, including fresh squeezed OJ. I now realize that it was because the anti-biotics I had been given as a little child had already thrown my body way out of balance and destroyed my digestive system in ways that I am, even now, still healing. Therefore I am careful about even fruit sugar, a wise practice for most people to adopt in this era of rampant, half-baked anti-biotic prescriptions.

Harmonious Abundance.

Therefore, even though I now find myself living about 100 feet from a gorgeous pink grapefruit tree and a honeybell tangelo tree, (who are clearly best friends), I rarely make juice. I tend to get my citrus fix from the nearby Meyer lemon tree. I know, tough life.
I drink juice straight from the bowl.

But what to do when the fruit trees are sending you telepathic invitations to sample the best they have to offer of the season? One would be a fool not to accept, and I am no fool! And thank God, because. This juice was so good. Tragically – because the color of the juice in the photo above is so unrepresented, the orange and pink were psychedelically gorgeous! – I still have mad studying to do before my Photoshop skillz actually become useful, so I apologize for the totally not-true-to-life colors that my camera gave me. They actually look good in Photoshop, but don’t translate well when posted. Don’t know why yet. Any suggestions are appreciated.


2 Responses to “Morning Juice”

  1. Dhrumil Says:

    I love drinking juice from the bowl too!

  2. junglegirl Says:

    Hello, Dhrumil, welcome! So nice to have you visit, and yup, straight from the bowl rocks.

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