The Orange Juice Club

February 13, 2008

tangelo tree

Citrus is in season right now and throughout the winter – so helpfully provided by nature just when people need a little burst of sunshine and freshness most. With the weather to intense to venture forth into I have been inside surfing the net for hours and came across what appears to be a very helpful recipe for heading a cold off at the pass.

I haven’t had a common cold since I was a child because I always take preventative measures as soon as I feel even remotely under the weather, but so many people seem to suffer from this annoying virus that I thought I’d help spread this helpful little web bug around which I came across here. It should nip just about anything in the bud (or in the butt, as an old boyfriend used to say, haha!). The original formula calls for oranges and lemons only, but I’ve added a few other ingredients that I know make a difference. To your health!


***for an amaaazing juice try Cara Cara oranges! You might want to wait until you’re well again and your taste buds come back, though.

10 oranges
2 lemons
2 inches of ginger
2 garlic cloves
pinch of cayenne
glass quart container or mason jar
your coziest blankie and a comfy pillow

Fresh squeeze one quart of oranges into a glass container (a mason jar is great), and then add the juice of two lemons, the grated ginger, grated garlic and the pinch of cayenne. Drink this within 30 minutes and eat the gratings at the bottom of the jar and then! The most important part is to lay down for a nap. So many bugs can be avoided by simply getting extra rest when you feel over-worked. That’s when bugs are most likely to strike. Winter is technically a time for resting. People who tend to ignore this pay a heavy price when they ignore the rythems of nature and continue on as if seasons don’t matter. Even if you are in a warm climate care must still be taken to get extra rest in winter, as a ritual, or otherwise the body’s chi (energy) runs down and you are far more likely to be prey for whatever bug is making the rounds.


This delicious remedy should work wonders especially if taken just as you first notice you are feeling off. I’ve added a good 2 inches of grated ginger, 2 cloves of grated garlic and a pinch of cayenne. Eat all of the goods at the bottom of the jar after you’ve drunk it.

And to end on a sweet note, this is a lovely poem I found here. It was written a few years ago when she was 15 and it just a beauty!

The Orange Juice Club

i’m in the orange juice club

no intoxicating syrupy concoctions

just the breath

of mists and sun washed

city asphalt air and whirring



i’m in the orange juice club

of outside-

i’ll watch you watch you watch

you and you and you

and never (include)

me too.

Because there is no whirling of the orange juice

around the bowl of a perfectly blown and spun glass

and no zillion adjectives-

flowery, fruity, dry, vintage.

Only a fresh squeezed pulpy flavour

The bright mandarin flesh

Slightly sour, always refreshing!

Drinking the new sunshine of summer

slanting reddish yellow glow on

short squat brownstones

their mix of brick coulours

the array of autumn

sugar maple trees

and painted birch trunks.

i’m in the orange juice club

no thank you, concoctions of fermented

wheat and barley soup,

squashed grapes

and pine tree berries too.

i’ll be drunk on the seasons changing

and the touch of wind

on every hair

and summer–

Coney Island Cyclone, greasy food and

riding in the first subway car there.

Orange juice club.

plain old

straight up,

clear bright


Shuna Lydon



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